Friday, October 2, 2020

Why I Chose This Cover Photo


I didn't choose the photo above to represent my Facebook Page or my blog by accident. I combed through all of Savvi's marketing materials and I thought this one not only best represents the brand, but also the diversity among women that I am so thankful for. 

Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion have been hot topics everywhere you look these days and I find it to be upsetting and uplifting at the same time. The upsetting part is the fact that we need to even be discussing this topic. By now we should be smart enough to know better than to feel intimated by other women. We are all in this life together. And what a beautiful life it is! The uplifting part is that all of these topics have become HOT and ON TREND. It upsets me that we had to wait this long to get all of us ladies on the diversity train, but at least we are here now! And by diversity, I not only mean looks, but I mostly mean thoughts and different views through the eyes of women of all different backgrounds. We have so much to learn from each other. I am so glad we are finally HERE. Women supporting women. Yes, we compete with each other, whether it be for a job position, a political stance, a certain physique, or anything else you can think of that we have an opinion about. However, we are living in a time where it is finally okay to not always be the winner! We all have so much to learn from each other. We all can cheer for each other! And when we fail we cry for a day or maybe even two, but then we pull up our leggings and persevere! I was born to support you and you were born to support me. I believe that we are finally all clear on that now. There is no need to tear each other down. There is no need to be offended by one another. And if we are feeling either one of those things because we are human, we should be woman enough to just talk about it with each other. Because we are all in this life together, trying to make it better each and every day for ourselves, our families, and everyone in the world. 

In high school I didn't belong to any sort of group. I actually struggled a lot in my head. I honestly didn't know where I fit in. I tried to be friendly with everyone, but that was so difficult in a world where if you didn't belong to a certain group, you were considered a bit strange. I am sure people wondered about me. I was completely an individual and it felt really lonely. I had friends, but not super close friends. My best friend since kindergarten seemed to fit in with everyone else. That was difficult for me once we hit high school. My high school days really sucked. I didn't think that anyone really cared about who I actually was and I began to think that there was something wrong with me. I was quiet and I felt awkward at social events. I didn't really do sports. I danced ballet after school, mostly with adults. 

Now that I am 46 years old, I realize that I struggled when I was younger because I have always had this sense of curiosity about everyone. I truly was interested in how everyone operated. I wanted to know about everyones point of view because I am simply curious. To me, it didn't matter how rich or poor they were, or what color skin they had, or what type of family they came from. I honestly didn't event see any of that. I was just curious about it all. As it turns out, this was not a bad thing! 

To this day, I am happy to say that I celebrate everyone. And as far as my work with Savvi goes, I am happy that I have finally found a place where I fit in because all are welcome here and that is the type of place where I do my best work. And you are welcomed to join me!